Sunday, June 12, 2016

Picnic Platters... the director's cut

Today I made up 18 picnic platters for the members of the Charteris Day Centre to enjoy at the Eton Street Party, celebrating The Queen's 90th Birthday.

I also made a movie. Not exactly Spielberg standard, and the lighting is terrible (but approved by Environmental Health, so we're going with safety over style).  Enjoy...

Pork Pies, Vegetable Quiche, Van Strien Cheese Palmiers, Three Bean Salad, Potato Salad, Piper's Crisps, Snowdonia Black Bomber, Stockan's Oatcakes, Miller's Damsel Charcoal Wafers, Fine Cheese Company Rosemary Crackers, Chocolate Brownies made from Mortimer Chocolate Powder and Lemon Bakewell slices. All accompanied with still water, Luscombe Still Lemonade and Wild Elderflower Bubbly, and just enough sunshine.

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Windsor Honey said...

What a feast!