Friday, July 10, 2015

Motoring Advice

Today, I thought I would embrace the eclectic nature of working in a deli and provide some motoring advice! I have no skills whatsoever in this area, but that doesn't seem to matter and since the garage on Eton High Street closed locals have been asking me to recommend an alternative. I've never been able to help before. But I've had a revelation and have a very small snippet of advice to give...

If you can't find a garage within walking distance of work and have to take a day off to get your car serviced or MOT'ed, then you might as well make a day of it. Pick a garage near to something fun.

That's it. I just had my MOT carried out by a garage near a canal. So I got to have myself a little picnic in the sunshine while they tested. Certainly preferable to sitting in a garage or showroom and far less stressful than trying to organise a courtesy car when most have to be returned long before I can get back in the evening. As a pedlar of picnics I'm a great believer that people should picnic more! And my own mini-picnic was the ideal opportunity for some blatant product placement for Popcorn Kitchen pop corn.