Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas is coming

Don't forget that tonight Eton's Christmas Lights are officially switched on. Our festive window displays are ready, and my tiny white lights will be illuminated from this evening.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Toy!

Today I received a new toy! My first piece of "proper" display equipment. Never before have I had a genuine "retail display solution" to present the excellent produce available at Tastes. All the shelves in the shop are made from wood or MDF and started life as my sketches. I felt like a child playing shop as I hooked the arms onto the metal frame and hung the extensive range of hard to find spices from Seasoned Pioneers. It's great to have a display worthy of these fine spices.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Lights

This year the Christmas Light switch on is Thursday 24th November. Full details can be found on the new Eton web site:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Tastes the Best Small Food Shop?

If you think Tastes Delicatessen is the best small food shop you can vote for us in the Telegraph Best Small Shop Awards . This year's awards aim to recognise the small local shops which make high streets like Eton special. If you place your vote for us before 5th December 2011 you'll be entered into a prize draw and could win a fabulous mini-break!

Vote for Tastes Delicatessen as best food shop and you could win a three-night stay for two at Hacienda de San Rafael, southern Spain, including flights.
A two-night stay for two at Hotel L’Avenida, Majorca
A two-night stay for two at Ch√Ęteau Saint-Martin & Spa in the south of France
A two-night stay for two at Linthwaite Country House Hotel in the Lake District
A four-night stay for a family of four at Polurrian Bay Hotel, Mullion, Cornwall
A case of wine worth £180, courtesy of Bottle Apostle

(Oddly enough I've been to weddings at the Linthwaite and the Polurrian and can vouch for how gorgeous they both are.)

You can tell all your friends and ask them to vote for us as well!

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I may have mastered Excel!

I do like spreadsheets. And I do like to organise. Which is probably why I like spreadsheets. This year I wanted to improve my Christmas turkey order sheet. And you know what, I think I've done it!

Last year I managed to get the list of people and birds to generate the order sheet which the turkey supplier needed (I.e. counts by size). Quite happy with that. It reduced the opportunity for human error and missed turkeys. But it wasn't all that useful when the customer placed their order. Too many details needed to be input. Free-range bronze, organic or white turkey. Breast roast, crown or whole bird. Small, medium, large or 4, 5, 6 kg etc etc. And once I had all that I had to look up the price per kg of the appropriate combination on a list blue tacked to the wall! Then multiply it by the size. etc etc. This year I wanted my spreadsheet to pull its weight and do a greater share of the work.

And so begun my exploration of the nested if. And they aren't all that scary. I may need to talk out loud when writing them. But I can do it. So now when you order your Christmas turkey from Tastes*, I merrily enter the type you would like, the starting size, be that in kg or small/medium/large. And that is it. My lovely spreadsheet tells me the average size of the bird, the price per kg, the estimated price for your bird, the minimum and maximum size and the approximate balance once the deposit is paid. I'm pretty pleased with myself. And if anyone else wants a nested if, below is my largest combined if statement. But be aware, being an impoverished independent retailer I don't use Miscrosoft Excel, this is OpenOffice Calc and I think the semi-colons might need to be commas in Excel:


Please don't write and tell me I could have done this much more easily!
Please do come and order turkeys and put my spreadsheet to the test!

* Tiny bit of subliminal marketing there.