Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coffee Tasting

This Friday (14th May), Adrian from azorieblue will be spending the day at Tastes Delicatessen offering samples of the azorieblue coffee (and maybe a special offer as well!).

Monday, May 03, 2010

Olives et al Special Offer

This week we are running a special offer on Olives et al products. Buy any 3 jars or bottles for £10. This includes:

Harissa Almonds - Sweet and slightly hot roasted almonds.
Bayou Nuts - Kilm roasted nuts in a Cajun blend of herbs and spices.
Pitted Kalamata Olives - Naturally ripened, mature Kalamata olices without the stone, in extra virgin olive oil with herbes de Provence.
Sunshine Olives - Mixed olives in rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil, with tomato and garlic. Simple, stylish, rustic and great with a glass of white wine.
Classic Olives - A marinated spicy Sicilian mix of olives in Chilli infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with, Garlic, Bay and cracked Black Pepper. These spice up the longer you leave them but a cold beer or soft drink quenches the fire.
Pink Mojo Dressing - Inspired by a Caribbean sauce, this sauce adds a magical touch to marinades and is perfect for drizzling on most things. Good with fish, pork, chicken and roasted vegetables.
Chilli & Ginger Dipping Sauce/Marinade - Fantastic for dipping, dressing and marinading. Great with fishcakes, stiring into mashed potato, any oriental style duck, pork, seafood and also useful for livening up a salad.
Chilly Billy Jelly - A sweet hot chilli, garlic and ginger jelly. A perfect accompaniment for cheese, meat or fish, or use to add flavour to soups and stews, stir through noodles, or as a marinade.
Dukkah - A middle eastern mix of roasted nuts, seeds and spices with coriander, cumin and spice tones. Use as a rub, dip for bread, coating for vegetables or as a snack.