Friday, December 04, 2015

Talking Turkey (again)

I've talked before about what makes the Copas Turkeys superior, but some new research has added another angle, so I thought it was time for a re-cap!

1. Copas turkeys are easy to cook and don't dry out thanks to the way they are produced (mature birds with a natural layer of fat and hand plunked so as not to damage the skin means there is no need for basting and faffing). They even come with cooking instructions for convention, fan and AGA cooking, and a pop up timer. Plus tips for carving, and recipes for left overs. The turkey breasts come with a baking tin!

2. Copas turkeys taste great and regularly receive Great Taste Awards. Again thanks to the way they are produced from mature birds, with that fat layer and intact skin, which means they can be game hung to allow the flavour to develop. They are simply refrigerated for Christmas and not heavily chilled, gas flushed or transported long distances.

3. Copas turkeys are reared to the highest welfare standards in mixed flocks of over 25 varieties of traditional birds and accredited to the highest standards. They are reared in spacious open barns, cherry orchards and meadows, roaming outside everyday from 6 weeks old. They eat a balanced cereal diet, rich in oats and free from animal protein or growth promoting additives.

And according to recent laboratory testing:

4. Copas turkeys are safe. At a time when public health concerns regarding poultry are increasing, it is reassuring to know Copas turkeys are safe. Year round bio-security monitoring and the latest lab results have not detected any Campylobacter in Copas Turkeys. This is achieved by providing high standards of animal husbandry to reduce disease risk, maturing the birds which naturally reduces the presence of campylobacter, game hanging which changes the pH level in the bird naturally and reduces any bacteria present in the gut, and hand plucking (rather than machine plucking under water) which ensures no water is introduced to spread bacteria. Plus, the instructions they come with will help consumers to prepare and cook their Christmas dinner safely.

Seems like a Copas Turkey ticks all the boxes, best order a Copas Turkey from Tastes Deli today!