Friday, March 25, 2016

(Very) Good Friday

Fridays are always good.
But this Friday has been exceptional; a really enjoyable day in the deli.
And what exactly has made it so good? Well I think I've worked it out.

Its all the usual things that make this a great place to work, plus ...
  • It's sunny and everyone seems in holiday spirit. Even those not on holiday are appreciating the first glimpses of spring. There's a real sense of "we've survived winter" excitement. People wearing parkers and woolen gloves, but eating ice cream! 
  • No one has called to save me money on my gas / electricity / broadband / telephone / business rates .... Not one, all day!
  • Lots of visitors are out and about on the high street. Don't get me wrong, I love our regular customers, they're the best, but they don't get anywhere near as excited as first time visitors, ohhing and ahhing over our wares. I love that sort of feedback! On more than one occasion today someone has bought something because a complete stranger had also bought (and enthused about) it. 
  • We've sold more stock than usual. The perfect combination of holiday mood, imminent end of the restrained period of lent, and influx of visitors who have to buy everything they want now because they can't pop in again next week, has greatly increased the average basket size. 
We should have more four-day weekends! And if not, I'd accept more sunny days.  Shame about the forecast for tomorrow.
Happy Easter everyone.


Windsor Honey said...

A cheerful post, Karen and I agree about more sunny days. Now, could I interest you in a good telephone/broadband deal ...

Karen (@ Tastes) said...