Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Cheese Wedding Cake Reveal!

Most good weddings run late. Its a given really. But last summer I built cheese wedding cakes at many weddings that were running ahead of schedule. Usually because the period planned for drinks in the garden or photographs outside was curtailed due to inclement weather. I started increasing the contingency time I plan in for wedding cake creation!

So on an unseasonably warm day last November I turned up at a beautiful wedding which wasn't running early (and, despite the best efforts of the traffic on the M25, I was!). The room where the cheese was to be displayed in just over an hour's time was still full of very happy, chatty, dinning guests and they wouldn't be going anywhere for another three quarters of an hour at least. With the bride's approval I waited for speeches to start then crept around at the back of the room stealthily building the cheese tower while the guests were all distracted.  I'd just finished my work, gone to the corner of the room to get my camera, when the speeches stopped. As I turned back the cake was surrounded; nine people had appeared in seconds, from nowhere, all armed with cameras! It was really really lovely to see their reactions as usually I am long gone before the guests come in.