Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

There is still time to pick up a Valentine's gift from Tastes Delicatessen. We've plenty to offer including handmade chocolate hearts, "Love" tea, and chilli jam and chilli oil in beautiful heart shaped jars and bottles. This week's cakes even have a "Love theme"; with hearts on our traditional shortbread, and chocolate brownies topped with strawberry fondant, covered in dark chocolate with edible confetti heart decorations. And they do taste as good as they look!

Friday, February 10, 2012

We'll get that in Waitrose, it'll be cheaper....

Yesterday I overheard a customer telling her partner to put down the vegetables he was about to buy; "we'll get that in Waitrose, it'll be cheaper".

So today I checked her assumption, and am happy to report it was incorrect:

At the moment our broccoli is £2.50 per kilo, Waitrose is £1.69 per 300g head (or £5.64 per kilo, twice the price of ours). Our baby new potatoes are £1.65 per 750g pack (about £2.20 per kilo), Waitrose are £1.49 per pack, but the pack is only 500g (so £2.98 per kilo). Waitrose's cheapest loose potatoes are 86p per kilo, ours are 60p per kilo. Our peppers are £3.50 per kilo, in Waitose they are £4.68. Even the avocados are 99p for small and £1.39 for large compared to our 90p (for what I think is large). In Waitrose the cheapest carrots, onions, lemons and apples cost exactly the same as ours.

There might be plenty of reasons to shop at a supermarket, but thinking the vegetables will be cheaper than the local deli should not be one of them.