Thursday, July 14, 2011

Focus On Figs!

I love figs, and today whilst chatting to a like-minded customers I realised how many figgy things we have in stock. Two fig jams (one French and runny, one English and stiff), handmade fig chutney with lots of fig flesh, organic fig relish with lots of fig seeds, puréed figs for cheese, marinated miniature figs in syrup (divine with ice cream), fig and almond wedges (perfect with cheese, or as a snack) and a spiced fig compote. Not long now and it will be fig season and we’ll have those beautiful fresh figs in stock as well (not to mention fig truffles, fig panettone, figgy pudding for Christmas and our "Fig Lover's Gift Box").

Friday, July 01, 2011

Times Local Produce

Once again Tastes Delicatessen is taking part in The Times Local Produce offer. If you collect tokens from the paper over the next few weeks you can use your voucher to save £5 at Tastes Delicatessen.