Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chan Cham Come to Town

St George's Day, fantastic sunshine, and a tasting with the family behind chan cham. What more could you want? Made locally, with Sri Lankan and Caribbean influences, the cooking sauces are designed to provide great tasting meals, without hours of preparation. The range includes sauces suitable for meats, fish and vegetables and they can be used as marinades for grilling, roasting, frying or as the base for a curry. Great for marinating meat and vegetables for a BBQ. They flew off the shelves, especially the Tamarind & 3 Spice Cooking Sauce.

Thanks Jane for permission to show Tony's legs online!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Award winning Sugo All'Arrabbiata

Seggiano's Sugo All'Arrabbiata was voted best arrabbiata sauce in the May issue of Italia! Magazine. "An outstanding example of a good arrabbiata – fiery, fresh and intense...and universally popular with the panel".