Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We recycle as much of our packaging as possible, using it ourselves to send things purchased from our online shop, giving it to other local shops, or offering it on freecycle.

So if you need any packaging for any reason just ask. We have:
Cardboard boxes from half shoe box size to TV size (and sometimes even bigger)
Polystyrene chests with lids
Polystyrene sheets
Polystyrene and corn starch "wotsit" puff things
Air cushions and pillows
Bubble wrap (small and large bubbles)

We don't have much storage space, so the best thing to do is let us know what you need a few weeks in advance and we will make sure we put it to one side for you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Products

Chan ChamThe first set of new products we've introduced for 2010 is a range of Cooking Sauces from Chan Cham. Made locally, with Sri Lankan and Caribbean influences, the cooking sauces are designed to provide great tasting meals, without hours of preparation. The range includes sauces suitable for meats, fish and vegetables and they can be used as marinades for grilling, roasting, frying or as the base for a curry. Just what is needed on these cold winter nights.