Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Maybe it is because we had a town market and my deliveries couldn’t get through and I ran out of large bags of liquorice, or maybe it is a sign of a recession, but the bagged liquorice is no longer the biggest seller. It has been suddenly and dramatically overtaken by...small liquorice logs. Maybe there isn't enough money around for the large bags any more? Is liquorice the new recession indicator?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tales of nice people

I think I've said before that it is the people I meet every day that makes running the deli so enjoyable. But it isn't just the wonderful food producers, it is the customers as well. Dan, who sells his wife Anila's, curry sauces at the Windsor farmers market, has been telling his customers that if they run out mid month they can now buy the same products in the new delicatessen in Eton. (He's a very nice man!). His customers have been popping in to see what else I sell, which has been wonderful! I got chatting to one and he told me about a recipe involving Halloumi and Capers (both of which I sell). He was having it for his dinner and very excited about it. And it did sound good; simple and tasty. The next day he came back with a photocopy from his wife's recipe book so I could make the same meal. (How very nice and unexpected!) And last week I did. And it was good. And easy. And the only thing it needed that I didn't sell was a lime and some fresh coriander. I happened to have a lime at home and made do without the coriander. And it was good. Delicious, quick and easy. I've since found the recipe on Delia's website so thought I would paste it here and share with some more people. Thank you Dan and the customer whose name I don't yet know!,1315,RC.html