Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last week I heard about some fabulous tea and emailed the producer to find out more. When I got to the shop today I found a jiffy bag full of literature and, more excitingly, tea bags. A very nice surprise in amongst the commotion of the refit. Better still, the teas are as lovely as my neighbour said. Little delicate silken pouches full of beautifully scented leaves and blossoms. They look like Pot Pourri, smell divine and taste delicious. I have been imposing them on friends at each tea drinking opportunity and they've all gone down well. I shall be adding these to my list of things to stock. Just need to get the shop open...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


We've spent the weekend painting. Mum (on gloss), Dad (on ceilings), Jay and I (on the easier bits!). The middle room is now all white (like the front room) and looks great. A few more coats needed on the front room and some green gloss to go on the arch and the beam and it will look fantastic.

Had some lovely comments from passers-by who are excited about our imminent opening. Hope I can live up to their expectations.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smoother Walls!

The plaster has dried out and has been covered with Forex PVC foam sheets, which are all sealed, washable and hygienic. The sinks have all arrived (and two out of three are the right ones!) and the deli counter is waiting in a warehouse. Just have to give the walls a few licks of paint and sort out the floor, then things can start to arrive!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Smooth Walls

Four weeks in and the front part of the shop is really starting to take shape. The building control inspector is happy with the new plumbing (phew!). Plastering has started in the front two rooms (and amazingly is almost finished!). It won't be long before the sinks and deli counter arrive and the shop will start to look like a deli. Still so much to do ....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Changing Colour

The outside of the shop has now started to change colour. Got a bit of a shock when I arrived and it had changed from orange to a green that was much more “Christmas green” than I'd expected. Fortunately, this was just the undercoat!

But as soon as the green gloss started to go on the weather changed so the shop front remains a work in progress ....

Shop Front - Before.Shop Front - After.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New wiring and a nearly new bell

Photo of bell - Before.The changes at the shop are progressing well. All the old wiring, light fittings and sockets have been removed and new, neat and tidy wiring installed. Trouble is, it isn't all connected up yet and with the windows boarded up it is pretty dark inside. So unfortunately, the photos I have from the last week aren't worth sharing.

Meanwhile, along with a lot of paperwork, I have been working on the bell that hung above the front door. With a little bit of salt, vinegar and elbow grease it is almost as good as new. My hands smell of a mixture of coins and chips, and my nails have gone a turquoise-green colour but I think it was worth it!

Photo of bell - After.