Friday, November 16, 2007

In the news again!

Someone mentioned that they had seen the shop in Berkshire Life a few weeks ago. I thought they were mistaken, but told Jay to keep his eyes out for the magazine just in case. I thought there must be another shop that looked a bit like mine and wanted to know where. But last week Jay came home with the October copy of Berkshire Life, and sure enough, on the first page of an article about the changing face of Eton, there is a photo of Tastes Delicatessen! Not a very good one though, taken back in May (I can tell from the window display) and not from its best side - the shop front is mostly in shadow. But it is there, amongst Coutts and the college chapel. Very fine company. The article covers a few pages and basically says how Eton has changed and improved in the past few months. It has more photos and adverts for some other shops and on the last page a list of things to do in Eton. And there we are again under “Shopping”! I wish I'd known they were going to do it, I could have sent a much better photo, but it is a nice surprise. Now we just need lots of people to read it and come and see the wonderful high street for themselves.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good Feedback

The last few days have gone really well at the deli and I've received some great feedback. Last week I sold far more Epoisse than I expected and chatting to a boy from the school I found out why... It was part of a cheese tasting by the school’s cheese society and scored an amazing 9.5 out of 10! Then yesterday I had three different customers ask if I had provided the nibbles for a photography exhibition last Saturday. And I had! Apparently it had all gone down very well and they thought it must be from the deli! Three quarters of the chorizo had been eaten within half an hour and not a scrap of food was left by the end of the evening. It's wonderful to hear that other people enjoy the things we sell as much as I do and makes it all worthwhile.